Str8 To Gay – Body Doubles – a gay erotic story

November 13th, 2014

Str8 To Gay enjoys showing sexy, straight male models engaging in some really hardcore gay sex scenes. In Body Double they use two huge, gorgeous, straight guys with similar bodies and builds to make a play on the title of the film. Colby Keller and Ty Roderick both have facial hair, although Colby keeps his beard trimmed and shaped, while Ty lets his grow wild. Both guys are super fit and tall, and very versatile when it comes to sex. Both men are cut, but Ty has an enormous 9.5 inch dick that seems to go on forever.

The scene starts with the guys reading through a script. Ty is not happy because it is a gay story that involves no girls; he is not thrilled to be filming a gay scene. Upset, he wants to call his agent and back out of this film, but Colby calms him down and explains that this film could make or break their careers. He talks Ty into doing the film and says they should rehearse the scene. With that, Keller and Ty start practicing, starting with kissing. Since they are already dressed in only their dressing gowns and underwear, Colby wastes no time in getting Ty naked.

Keller takes that monster cock into his mouth while removing his own clothes and revealing his own dick standing at attention. Colby lovingly gives Ty a blow-job that seems to go on forever: first they are standing up, then they are on the sofa trying out one position after another. Then Ty decides to return the favor and is soon deep throating Colby’s thick, hard shaft.

Positions change again and somehow, someway, Colby is able to sit on Ty’s nine and a half inch cock. The fun begins anew as our hunky guys try one position after another, trying to find out which way allows that nine and a half inch cock to go in as deep as it can. The fun is in the trying! After the longest time we are finally treated to a couple of powerful climaxes as our hunks let loose and their jizz flows freely. Colby is one sticky mess, and Ty has completely forgotten about the script they had been studying. learn more about Colby Keller at – click here

Crasy Colby Keller goes to the dog house alone

November 4th, 2014

rightThe gay office is all about hunky guys at work playing around with each other and having a great time. They are all dressed in the typical office attire which is suits and ties and the scenes are always related to work in some manner which is a useful fetish to portray. In this scene an uncredited boss is upset with two employees as they have screwed up on some piece of work. They are blaming each other and they have just called in to see the boss and they are well and truly in the doghouse. However, when the boss is called from the meeting on some other sort of engagement, what are two grown men supposed to do for half an hour? Sit patiently? I think not.

Here in this scene we have hunky Colby Keller with his brown hair, inked skin and his lovely and alluring British accent which pairs off nicely with Jay Roberts who has an 8 inch cock, nice black hair and beguiling blue eyes. They start out by blaming each other for the mess which has ensued before their attention turns to each others’ bodies as they become well engrossed in the scene. Colby commences things by feeling up Jay’s ass, which looks pretty good as we have to admit. However, before long the guys are undressing and there are some great views of them in the nude.

The fact that this is a slow-burner scene makes it all the more appealing and gives a certain charm and edge to matters. It takes seven agonising minutes before we get our first sight of cock, although the anticipation makes it worth waiting for. Keller gives a good smooth head and judging by Jay’s sounds of appreciation, it was well received. In addition to this, the guys spent the next few minutes working each other’s cocks and just having a great time of things. After licking nuts and deep throating each other, they really start to get hot under the collar. Then their attention turns to ramming each other up the ass, as you do in a porn scene.

Jay slams him over the table real hard, before Colby reclines with pleasure and tries to get as much of Jay’s cock inside him as he possibly can. He moans with pleasure and gives off everything you could imagine in his pursuit to feel that cock inside him. Eventually, Jay expounds cum all over Keller’s tattooed bod which looks very gloopy.

There is also a nice little surprise at the end as well.

Colby Keller is the Howl

October 31st, 2014

If you have been following this series you will know that Colby Keller is the Howl , a guy who has this obsession for getting his own back on guys who have crossed his path. He does that by sleeping with them and in the last scene he had Tyler Sweet tied up and fucked. The poor twink is still bound and now gagged as this scene continues from the previous one, and he’s calling for help as the crazy guy, Christian, answers his phone.

The guy on the other end agrees to come and see the collector as long as he lets the twink go. The scene is a kind of mix between psycho-thriller and hardcore action with a bit of danger thrown in. When the guy arrives, it’s Landon Conrad playing a policeman, gun included. But the gun doesn’t stay on him for long, neither do his pants. Christians is straight in there grabbing the cop’s hardon and then getting straight down to work sucking his cock. It’s poking through Landon’s police uniform pants and Colby Keller is soon going wild for it, slobbering down that shaft like a drooling dog, swallowing the entire eight inches and making his new captive gasp and groan with pleasure.

As he is getting sucked, Landon undresses, pulling off his tie and unbuttoning his dark shirt. All the while Christian is madly sucking on his cock, and madly is the right word to use as we know this character is a bit unbalanced. Eventually Landon Conrad is naked and what a sight that is. He might be vulnerable now, without his policeman’s uniform and gun, but he’s got a figure that suggests he won’t have any trouble taking care of himself should the need arise. But first, before anything untoward can happen, he’s got this other hunk still sucking on his mighty meat, his other truncheon. He starts to fist it himself when he starts going down on Christian’s cock, which he does for a nice long while. Satisfying the sadistic madman’s lust for hot lips and deep throat around his dick, Landon sucks the tattooed guy a good long while as we rove around their bodies, taking in the sight of hunk on hunk-cock and balls. This is one of the longest Drill My Hole cock-suck scenes I’ve seen in a long while.

But, over half way through, it does turn to anal as Colby Keller fucks Landon Conrad, getting him on his back and drilling his hole slowly at first, and then fast and faster, until the victim is calling out and groaning. Each thrust brings the dick in further until the guys are fucking fast, furious and loud. And that continues all the way through until Landon cums over his own flat stomach, with Colby still pounding into him. Keller then shoots on Landon Conrad’s toned chest. And does our cop get his man? Does Tyler get released? Is there a twist? Go take a look and you’ll see.

Str8 Pornography video Together With Johnny Rapid

July 1st, 2015

The latest field from Str8 to Samesex with Johnny Rapid is called Hump or blow: it could possibly in the same manner often be known “Horseplay over negative” or “Horseplay over Good”, dependent on your perspective. Everbody knows, Str8 To Same-sex is centered on partaking the wonderland of straight dudes getting switched on by gay fun. This world isn’t a distinctive from all other rest of this websites emits; straight male becomes sexually excited and yes it isn’t also much to find him or her to agree to a hummer.

He warms over to the concept as their/her tool is served by Jacks keen mouth area. Both boys buy naked and Johnny bends on top of the settee. He is are you wanting some activity. Port offers it him in a horny rectal field. Tool requires Johnny doggy fashion as well as being noticeable that both men are having fun. Some warm butt going gets sites throughout the arm for the furniture. These two boys manage specific benefit throughout the fabric-based couch anymore. Johnny grants tool unforgettable head. After he’s complete sucking his cock you drives that seated design. Johnny loves the sensation of jack’s tough 9 in . tool.

To begin with tool is a bit nervous for being getting mind from another man; then again, it’ll only take her a few minutes of sensing a comfortable, moist, eager throat accepting them strong inside for him to chill and take pleasure in by his own. Only like Jack becomes all horny, both dudes get exposed and Johnny bends on top of the sofa, detailing his or her tight rear to port.

When he is going to cum, Johnny pulls the tough dick beyond his asshole, turns over onto her back and forces Donato’s jaws onto his pulsating dick and after that cums his heated, soft cum- burden inside his mouth and all kinds of over their face. Damien has been viewing your whole thing with a hard-on, today he strike Damien off and after that the men yank off and hit personal plenty in some for the greatest creamy cum shots always recorded. It’s depressing that this series was earned to a close, even so the masters of great gay porn at Str8 To Gay continuously offer the better exclusive gay porn video clips.

gay pornstar johnny rapid doing a fresh movie

March 21st, 2015

Johnny Rapid and Adam Whitmore from Drill My Hole star together in this hot activity sensual movie. The two guys tend to be not in numerous flicks collectively, and their unique chemistry is great in porno appointment two. Adam is a novice in this arena, along with his face is harsh with stubble and Johnny Rapid is nicely toned, carved, and in superb shape. Contained in this video clip, the two guys have with each other in a facility condo and begin enjoying some pornography. Before you decide to know it, Adam’s penis is beginning to swell, thus he reaches over and unzips their buddy’s jeans.

When straight right back at Gabe’s condo and while demonstrating him the destination, they have to the room and Gabe flowers a hug onto Johnny’s mouth while lightly massaging their cock through his jeans. Johnny reacts by unbuckling Gabe’s buckle, unzipping their fly, and unleashing among the nicest dicks he’s actually observed. The guy begins petting it and trying to play with all the tip before losing to their hips, putting the tough user into his mouth and operating it until it slides down his throat most of the option to its base. He then pulls the slimy prick from his throat and starts slapping his face with it, spraying saliva and precum on his face and lips. Johnny grabs the rear of Gabriel’s head and forces his dick back in and starts banging his cock down his neck and throat in fast moves. Gabe isn’t utilized to acquiring their face banged with such a forceful and huge cock, but he loves acquiring johnny rapid myvidster manhandled along with his cock is difficult too.

As Johnny’s golf balls punch onto Gabe’s chin area and slippery spit drips down to his upper body, he blows his huge, hot, creamy load of cum down their neck. Gabe swallows the hot jizz to avoid from gasping and falls to the mattress on their straight back. Johnny determines to come back the support and gets Gabe’s penis tough once again. But rather of drawing him down, he lubricants Gabe’s penis with spit and next straddles him. The man directs the tip from the dense dick to his arse and sits on it until it actually gets to the depths of their anus and can not get any deeper. After a couple of moments of milling Gabe’s dick in the arsehole, Johnny seems the hot jizz squirt and spurt inside his ass cavern. Anticipate much more high quality gay porn moments such as this within the virtually future.